Florida water cost to homeowner for house wash

Does anybody know of a document we can print out to show a customer that they are not paying a ton of money for us to use their water when we wash their property? I’ve been getting a few customers asking if I use their own water and explain the procedure to them. And I do run with a 200 gallon water tank but I only fill it with about 70 80 gallons to drive. I remember seeing something on this forum that a guy had that was a really good explanation and had pricing on what we actually pay it’s like dollars for a house wash but I can’t find it anywhere on the forum. Also I run a five and a half gallon per minute machine

I almost never get asked about it, but when I do I explain that getting water delivered is very expensive and give them a ballpark price of what it would cost vs us using their water, they quickly realize it makes sense… works every time


Wash your house. Check meter before and after. Compare numbers. Multiply cost of gallon of water in your area x the amount of gallons consumed.

Or, if you know you have a 5gpm unit x that by time on site. Say it takes 1.5 hours to wash the house. 90 minutes x 5gpm =____, then x’ as that number by cost per gal of water. You’ll end up with a number that’s higher than what you’ll actually use because you won’t be on the trigger 90 minutes.

Yeah i know it’s probably dollars but these older people think it’s going to cost them thousands lol.

It will cost them less than $5

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Call your water company. I did. They said for us it’s about a penny per gallon. Then just figure out how many gallons for a normal house wash.

We have some that get really worried about it. In our service area, the most expensive water authority runs $10/1000 gallons, so probably $5, maybe 7 or 8. Still we offer the option of bringing out the 600 gallon water trailer to supplement the 275 on the truck, for an extra $100…some of them happily pay the fee to keep us from hooking up to their house, lol.


I figured I use about 250-300 gallons to do a normal house wash. Water is approximately $0.01 / gal, so $3 or less. I’ve personally never had anyone say a thing about water usage.

Why ask us? Call your local water provider and ask them or many have their prices online. Like here it’s $7/1000.

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Well, hold up a sec. Not sure about you all’s part of the world but here in Louisville we have the water bill and a separate charge for water disposal that is typically double that price so they can pay for infrastructure projects.

When I say $10/1000 gallons, that is all in, both fees, last I checked.

We just checked our bill, it’s $11/1000 gallons including sewer fee so about the same here.

That is great. Some customers are nuts. They pay you $100 for your water instead of paying $5 to their water company.


I’d rather they didn’t…it’s a hassle. But you can only argue with people so much. lol


Yeah, the fill wait time and hassle doesn’t sound fun

The other comments are right. Don’t reason with them the cost of their own water, give them the option for you to pay to bring it, and make it worth it for you to do so. $100 minimum.

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Yeah I agree. Thank you