Florida Proposal/Agreement

I am hoping you guys can steer me in the right direction on this subject. I will be starting my own pressure washer business hoping by October. Where or how do I get a quote form/agreement template geared towards pressure washing to send to customers before starting work. I suppose you would have a template on the computer that you can attach to an email to have customer sign before starting job? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you all.

Why do you need a contract?

I guess I worded that wrong! I meant a proposal or quote form template.

Just sit down and put pen to paper - make bullet points of things you think you should cover. Where do you need to park, what are you responsible for, what are you not responsible for, should the homeowner prep the home in any way before you get there, do you want the dog poop in the yard picked up, do you need water fill up on site, what about their potted plants on the porch, patio furniture, how do you want to be paid, etc, etc.
Then draft up all that in proper verbiage and use that. Be ready to add to it as you start completing more jobs and come across more things.


I use Markate and attach my terms and agreement inside the quote I send via text/email.

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My blog has several free to use things on it. Terms and Conditions, proportioner builds, equipment builds, air diaphragm builds etc. The guide at the bottom is for people just starting out but you may see an idea or two that helps you as well. Use anything that helps. Https://texas-pressurewashing.com/blog/

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Thank you so much for the info. I am actually looking into market as we speak, looks really good.

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I feel bad for always plugging QB here, but I used Markate my first year. It was good enough, fine software. But QB does everything that Markate does, and all my numbers stay in the same place. One click turns an estimate into an invoice, and one more click receives payment direct into my bank account and records it all for tax time.

When converting it to an estimate does it add your terms and conditions automatically?

Have you found a QB templet or made your own ?

@TexasPressureWashing yes, it can add that as a post script really easily. You can even attach pictures if you went to see the house before estimating.

@WaterUnderPressure if I recall correctly you can pick from a few different templates in the settings. Upload your logo, etc, and it’ll build it that way every time if you want it to

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Nice thanks for letting me know.