Floor Stripping


Here is the floor at my station. It is an older station and used to be painted or sealed or whatever this material is. We were assigned to remove the old coating and get it back to the original concrete, if possible. We used a mechanical floor scraper and it got some of it up, but only about 60%. Anyone have an idea of how to get the rest up? Any chems or would pressure? Figured I’d throw it out there and see what came

back. Thanks


Looks like you’re already into it so why don’t you try some pressure and let us know. A sand/ soda blaster might be better though


We’ve got up as much as we could scrape. The rest seems like it is glued down, esp at the seams of the concrete sections. I don’t want to scar the floor if I can help it


That is a commercial 2 part epoxy floor coating. Pressure will not touch it. Last time I had to remove some of that, it took a hammer and chisel.


Well that is a bummer. And what I was afraid of. Ok, thanks for the input. We’ll just back up and punt.


They have concrete floor grinders that you can rent. Depending on the style you either hook a garden hose to the machine or just spray water yourself so there is no dust. There are even some Home Depots that rent them out so shouldn’t be difficult to find. Might be worth renting one for 4 hours to see what it can do. There are different style discs depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.


I’ll take a look into that, pass it up to my CO. Trying to take pride in our station and the floor needs to be addressed. Thanks


Hammer drill w a paddle bit haha


You may be able to take a 2" putty knife and hammer and try and get under it. Its surprising that it is coming up like that. Most I have seen applied they use acid and sander to etch the the floor. I have seen it last for 15-20 years and not chip up.