Floater vs Casters

Surface cleaners.
Floating vs. Casters
Anyone have experience using both?

Wondering if there is any advantage to a floater.

With casters, if one of the wheels starts to loosen, it creates an awful suction. I need one or the other for maneuverability. No big rear wheels.

Casters get very annoying. Much more freedom of movement with a floater. You can get much closer to edge


I agree with @florida_condo_cleani. Floater much better, especially up here where it can be hilly. Get off trigger and floater stops. With wheels that sucker will take off down the hill, lol.


I run three GP surface cleaners. Two with casters and one without. I like the casters, they eliminate skirt wear and help when Iā€™m rolling the surface cleaners to load and unload, before and after each job. I use the cleaner without casters for cleaning concrete steps and the tops of brick and cast stone walls.

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Most homes around here are heavily landscaped around the walkways up to the front door. It never seems to fail that the casters will get caught on several of them trying to get the edge. I purchased 2 whisper wash 24ā€ with casters on the way to start a project 400 driveways. I figured it would speed things up a little. I was wrong . Luckily whisper wash is local and James was nice enough to hook me up.