Flexzilla Vs. Flexzilla Pro

Is the only difference between the standard Flexzilla garden hose and the Flexzilla Pro garden hose that the “Pro” allows you to do your own repairs on the hose and give you an extra 15psi or something?

Does anybody actually use the Pro and find it worth the extra money?

Pretty sure the only difference is that the Pro comes with the reusable fittings on the end. You can also just buy the reusable fittings separate and use them on the regular Flexilla garden hose. PSI looks to be the same.

Thats what i thought. I think the standard is rated for 150psi and pro is rated 165psi. I think im just going to go with the standard one. Pro doesnt really seem worth it at all.

We get years of use out of the regular so probably not even worth replacing the ends if they ever fail and just purchasing new. I started using camlocks on the ends as @squidskc does in order to make it easier to attach to hose spigot. I would imagine the hose fittings will last longer because of it. Using the camlocks make it so much easier to screw onto spigots instead of having to mess with screwing on the small hose end fitting. It’s also easier to bleed the water off instead of walking back to truck and unhooking the other end first.


Might as well just buy new instead of fixing it was my exact thoughts. I think im going to do the camlock thing also. I’ve been seeing that on here quite a bit.

We’re do ya’ll by these popular camlocks ?

You can get them at just about any hardware store. I get them at a farm store local to the Midwest but Tractor Supply has them too. You can order them online. Just google “camlocks”.


Amazon for one

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Tractor Supply.

I try to get everything I can from there because they’re so close to me but they also do price matching so that helps.


I been using these 1163’s for a long long long time.


Google the part number to find the best price on them. I think I use MRO Stop or Shop Cross

Email from legacy manufacturing rep 4 days ago.

Hi William,

Thank you for contacting Legacy Manufacturing. You are correct, the only difference between the regular garden hose and the pro hose are the fittings. Unfortunately, the pro fittings are only manufactured for the 5/8” hose. The custom hose centers work for both water and air, but the only hose offered in water would be the 5/8” hose. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Thank you,

Sherokee Eder

Customer Sales Specialist

Legacy Manufacturing

6509 Partners Ave.

Marion, IA 52302



O:319-373-7305 ext. 141

Fax: 319-373-7309




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Has anyone used the swivelgrip Flexzilla hose? Thinking it would be easier to get on and off the spigot, and the lack of the hose curling on you. Thoughts? Thanks

EDIT: Was looking at reviews on Amazon, and one person complained about the ID diameter of the swivel connectors casung restriction, so the hose was acting more like a 3/8 hose, than the 5/8. Anyone know the id of a regular Flexzilla hose?

Per advice from @squidskc I use camlock fittings on the end of my supply hose. It makes it a piece of cake to screw onto spigots and take off. I get some here that are back behind bushes or, just a pain to get to, so it was driving me nuts trying to mess with the little hose end fittings. With the camlock you can screw it on in 3 seconds and then attach female camlock to it. It’s definitely the way to go.


I don’t really know what I did before I had them


I hear you there. I absolutely hate messing with the little hose end fitting especially when you’re leaning over a bush with one hand on the house to keep you from falling over and the other trying to screw it onto a spigot that’s way too low to the ground. I’d about rather stand perfectly still and have you kick me square in the berries than have to do that. Heck, it even makes a huge difference on easy to access spigots. It’s also easier to disconnect when you’re rolling back at the end of the job and especially if it’s under some pressure. I’m definitely glad I decided to try it.


Will look at TSC tonight for these Camlocks. Thanks.

EDIT: Looks like the female being larger would make handling easier, but might have difficulty in tight spaces, is this the reason you chose the male to attach to spigot instead of female. @squidskc

I just got some new swivel grip Flexilla and we all like it better. Same hose, the grip just encases the fitting. Ton easier putting on and off.

PS: Had gotten a couple hundred feet, but just ended up using on just the last 100 to house since fittings are a little bulkier. But @Grizz, my other helper and myself all really like.

@Racer Thank you for the reply. Someone on Amazon complained that the internal diameter of the connector on the end of the hose was more like 3/8 rather than 5/8 so reducing the advantage of having a 5/8 hose. What have you seen?


I’ve seen some idiot on Amazon on drugs, lol. Well I haven’t, you have.