Flexzilla Hose size 3/4 vs 5/8?

My first machine is scheduled to be delivered today (4gpm/4300 psi belt drive w general pump).

I want to get a new supply hose and everyone seems love Flexzilla so I’ll likely get that, but can’t seem to get a definitive answer on whether to get 5/8” or 3/4”. A few people said to get 3/4” but I also saw a few pictures in posts of 5/8” flexzilla (@squidskc posted one for example).

Does a certain size maybe go best with my smaller machine?


Will you be using a buffer tank? If not, go for the 3/4” for unrestricted flow. If you are using a tank, use 5/8” for the ‘extra lightness’. If you were running a bigger machine, I’d recommend the 3/4” for maximum flow to your buffer tank.

But if you haven’t stumbled on this yet in your research: a buffer tank is a really good idea, even for a 4gpm machine.

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I was using Goodyear three-quarter inch hose and switched to flexzilla 5/8. I cannot tell a difference in the water volume going into the buffer tank. The three quarter had to be reeled up perfect in order to fit on my reel. The 5/8 Flexzilla reels up with no problem.


I prefer the 5/8 so I can hold more on the reel. Lot cheaper options than flezxzilla though. I use Walmart hose.

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I found 5/8 100’ flexzilla on amazon prime for $50. I just ordered 2 more. Lol


I cant find 100ft 5/8” on amazon for less than $62. If you have a link to the $50 price, please share :grinning:

I get several years out of 3/4 x100 neverkink commercial grade. I think it’s $70 at Lowe’s and NT

If I was smart enough to post a link I would, lol!!

Try this.

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Awesome, thanks man!

No problem! Glad to help.
I’m cheap, so I always find the best prices!!

These flexzillas dont come in 150ft right? I recently bought a 100ft 3/4 “commercial grade” hose from HarborFreight for like 25. Not tested enough yet.

I have that NeverKink 3/4" as well but holy cow is it bulky. If you can get by with 5/8" go for it.

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I can fit 200ft of 3/4 on my hannay 18” reels . But it barley fits on a 22” titan reel

Keep an eye on prices @ tractor supply.
I picked up a 3/4" Stanley fatmax hose for just over $60. It lives outside & gets regular abuse in the wash rack @ the barn.

To answer my own qyestion they do come in whatever lengths you need, but as far as I can tell not available in swivel ends longer than 100ft. They do sell pressure washer hose up to 3100psi and 50ft, and qc and nozzles.