Flexzilla hose for your roof pump?

Does anyone use Flexzilla hose for your roof cleaning pump? I am building my own roof pump. I am using a 7.0 gpm 12v pump, 100 psi and wanted to use flexzilla hose from pump to roof. Any thoughts? Thanks

This has actually been discussed quite a bit recently. According to at least one sales rep for Flexzilla, their hose is very resistant to chlorine, and is a good candidate for soft-washing.


Ill more than likely get some when my kuritec bits the dust. Im just jealous its in your color and not mine.


I just can’t wait for Flexzilla to come out with a professional pressure hose. (I think they make some of the 5/16” stuff for electric washers.)


I currently have 5/8 poly braid. Would switching to 1/2 reduce the distance?

Depends on what pump you’re using.

The problem I would have with using the Flexzilla is that it doesn’t have a smooth outer finish. In other words, has more drag when pulling thru grass or whatever compared to Kuri tec.


5gpm 12v. Thinking about upgrading to 7gpm if it would get me more distance.

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Thanks for all the help guys. I think I am going with the 5/8" flexzilla for my set up. 200’ enough?

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shopman26, How did this work out? I’m considering the same. 200’ Flexzilla 5/8 cutting off two ends replacing with barbs to make 200 foot.

I wish I could give you an update, I am almost done with the build. But I have not tested it out. I used clean hose and hose fittings to attach the flexzilla.

Why not use the standard fittings?

would think they would corrode.

Probably so if they’re straight steel.

You can order 200ft of continuous hose in that size. Contract flexzilla and theyll tell you who near you to place an order with.

I use Flexzilla for roof washing, 200’ and it’s awesome. I do about 5-8 roofs a month as I’m mainly a window cleaner. The ends DO corrode and bad. Cut them off and use better barbs to save yourself the headache. Almost all the ends broke but the hose itself is great.


Or you could have a hydraulic shop crimp on SS ends with a swivel. Just to be clear you are using air hose or garden hose?

Emailed flexzilla to clarify. I purchased flex-tek this time, didn’t realize they responded so quickly.
Here was the response

Thank you for contacting Legacy Manufacturing. Unfortunately, we do not have 200’ continuous, but we do have it in 250’. That part number is HFZW58250YW. Our product can be purchased at your local Tractor Supply Co, NAPA Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Ace Hardware, Fastenal, Motion Industries, Do it Best, True Value, and Lowes. If they are not carrying what you’re looking for, they’ll be able to place a special order for you. I am willing to assist anyone who is unaware of that process.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

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I’ve been using the 1/2 air hose for a few weeks now and love it! I was concerned about what @Racer said wit more drag pulling it around, but no problems at all. I assume it’s because it’s so light. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again. I have 250’ total, I used about 10’ to go from my pump to the reel, balance of the 250 is on the reel. I have a 5.5 12v and I’m happy with the setup.


Hey can you get some close up pics of the plumbing at the reel? I’m just wondering how you plumbed 1/2" up because both of my reels have much larger plumbing orifices.