Fleetwash at night

Does any body do fleetwashing at night

I have a customer that i do fleet washing for twice a week in the evening after 7pm. Usually done by 11-11:30 depending on how dirty they are. Do about 18-21 trucks/vans

What kind of lighting do you use

There is a large overhead floodlight right outside my customer’s warehouse that is really bright. However sometimes it’s still almost too dark. For a while i was considering renting a mobile lighting system, but i never did.

I do a lot of night work with fleets and commercial building washes. Get yourself a good head lamp! We use them and they do wonders for us. No need to spend all kinds of money setting up flood lights on your rig (unless you have the budget of course)!

That guy hasn’t been here in over 8 years…I doubt he’ll get your message. :man_shrugging:


Haha, I’m just going through old posts. Maybe someone will come across and find it helpful :joy: