Fleet washing advice for a newbie

I’ve read a few threads here and have learned one thing and that is I have a lot to learn! I started pressure washing as a side hustle in October 2020 and have done a few residential jobs. I picked up a gig washing the fleet of trucks (10 trucks, 15 vinyl wrapped box/dry vans) for the company I am employed full time with. I wash the fleet once a month using my 4k psi/4 gpm hot/cold water machine. I’m currently brushing everything which is very time consuming. I’m not set up for the 2 step process and currently don’t have the funds to start it…so, what is the best soap, acid or chem to use with my set up so I’m not brushing as much? It currently takes about 1.5 arse busting hours per rig (truck and trailer) with me and a helper.

Can you spend a extra $100 to get your washing time down to about 45 minutes per 70’ tractor trailer including the motor bay ?

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2 stepping doesn’t require a 2 step gun or 2 step remote. Less than $100 you can be 2 stepping with ds injector, 3 way ball valve, some 1/4" hose, and a couple different nozzles.

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@Hotshot definitely could spend $100 to cut my time in half. The company doesn’t require motor bays to be washed.

@SurfaceTherapy thanks for that info! I’m going to look into it for sure.

Buy this and that 3 way will last you years.

Buy two of the straight barbs and 4 of the 90 's. Give me a holler I’ll walk you threw the rest. 870-202-9802

Thanks @Hotshot, I’ll get those ordered and give you a call when they come in.

It’s been a heck of a month! I’ve managed to gain 5 log trucks to wash once a week and have had 3 house jobs. Working my full time job plus pressure washing on the weekends has kept me pretty busy.

@Hotshot I’ve got those parts on order finally and will call you once they arrive.

I contacted Chad over at Hydro-Chem who put me in touch with one of their distributors down here in southeast Texas. Looking forward to getting their Supersonic and Grizzly combo. Brushing these trucks are a literal pain in the back!