Flatbeds and parking garages

Currently running 3/4 ton and 16 foot trailers, but really interested in flatbeds. I do not mean the Isuzu style flatbeds I am referring to f350, Chevy 3500, or Ram 3500.

My main question is parking garage access. Currently the 16 foot trailer has yet to fail getting into any parking garage, but man have we had to get creative to get in some of these garages. Anyone here had success with flatbeds and parking garages?

Those trucks listed are pickup sized so the problem wouldn’t be the truck itself it would be the tank height but you don’t need a large tank in most cases. I’m 7’8" on my smallest one ton but that’s unloaded with a tall tank. All those trucks you mentioned would work but obviously it would need to be purpose built.

Theres a bed style tank, its low clearance, several sizes.

Anyone had problems with width?