Flat Bottom Chemical Tank Or 55 Gallon Drum?

Would a 55 gallon drum work well as a chemical tank for a soft wash set-up or would I need to go with one of the flat bottom tanks? Im having a hard time finding flat bottoms locally and the shipping on them is ridiculous at the moment.

Plenty of guys use the drums as a batch mix tank, I believe.

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I use a 15 gallon drum to batch mix with no issues. Before that I used a 7 gallon car boy, and before that a 5 gallon bucket. They all worked equally as well for me.

For a “flat bottom” tank see if you have a Northern Tool or Tractor Supply, or something similar around that may have something in stock.

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Main issues with a drum is that it’s less space efficient, and somewhat harder to secure.

If you can deal with those two caveats, you should be just fine. I used a drum for my buffer tank on my first little trailer rig.

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Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.