Fixxbook.. Anyone use this app?

Has anyone heard and used this application called Fixxbook (part of Service Channel)? I searched for it but only found one thread from 2013 and there wasn’t much information to be found. A local chain want’s me to use this app to do business with them. Not sure about it though. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Never heard of it.

very late to the game here! But I just had to sign up for service channel and fixxbook. It looks like from what I can see all the big box stores use this to find contractors. Basically its a platform where you have to already have your insurance and all the required stuff ready in one place. You have a “service region” where you select states and county’s that you service and then appear on searching companies radars. Once the company contacts you and you agree to do work for them you can allow them to have access to insurance and stuff. Big box stores do not want to search through peoples facebook or websites to see if you do a service. This platform is very straight forward. It’s a bit confusing to get it all done correctly. But I service Wal-Mart and they require it. When you finish work from a store you send them an invoice through service channel and get paid through service channel. Time will tell if its a hit for me or not…