Fix a pump & Build a pump


Anyone know if there is a direct mount pump that will work on a tapered shaft?


Your cat pump is the same one I had on a smaller PW I have hooked to a gx160. The problem is the unloader and downstream injector are built into the cat pump. My unloader went bad so I had to replace the whole pump. Not sure what size engine you have but I replaced mine with a Udor PNL 3gpm 2k psi direct drive pump for $300 from Sprayer Depot. I put my own unloader and chemicel injector on it and it runs much better than the CAT pump. The cat pump will probably be about $360-380 so you’re better off with the Udor or even a General Pump. If you have a gx200 or gx270 you could get a larger pump.


I have the Honda GX200 engine.


Check around for a shaft adapter