Fittings in bulk

Who has the best price and quality fittings (3/8 1/4 plugs and couplers mpt fpt) looking for opinions from people who buy in bulk.

Dultmeier or check your local hydraulics shops. My local hydraulics shops have the best prices hands down, but their inventory fluxuates and time between orders is hit or miss on stuff they don’t order a lot of.


Love my local hydraulic shop! Best prices on fittings and hoses, and they’ll crimp, cut, whatever for no charge.


I get stainless female fittings for around $3 and stainless male fittings for under $2 usually and no shipping. Kinda amazing really…


That’s good pricing. I reached out to a local guy. Going to look at prices tomorrow. If they are on the higher end I’ll probably keep looking online or just buy them from PT. I just wana buy a big box and have them on hand for the season.

Pressure Washer Products has good prices on fittings. Got a bunch of General Pump quick connects i couldnt find elsewhere. They were super helpful on the phone…might be able to call them and get a good deal on multiples.