First week, $4,000

First week in the business. Billed $4,000. Very happy. Have two jobs booked next week once the rain stops.
Big thumbs up for my mentor @ExpertPowerWash
And @Racer who answered almost every one of my questions
@FrankPeters who sold me the PRO MIX A LOT
and many others.


Nicely done Chris

Glad I could help!! Congrats


[quote=“98crystal, post:1, topic:18900”]
First week in the business. Billed $4,000. Very happy. Have two jobs booked next week once the rain stops. [/quote]

Wow, that rocks! Tell us more. Residential or Commercial? How did you get so much booked with (I am assuming) no experience? Thanks!

That is very impressive (even if it is in CA $). Well done. Wishing you many more weeks like that :wink:

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wow, those are new products/version?
I want one…

Yeah, whats the scoop on the equipment?

well, there are a lot of factors.

  1. $4000 is very doable in my area, Vancouver, BC. Big market for house washing, especially for roof cleanings. Established companies charge $1k to $2k for roof cleaning on a 2000~3000 sqft house.
  2. I invested a lot of time and money. I watched tons of videos on Youtube, and read a lot, and spent almost $20k. Borrowed a pickup for the first week, and just leased a new one.
  3. what happened was, I got my first job from a community group. Neighbors saw me working, saw my professional equipment and the professionally designed sign, and I got my second and third job. After I finish one job, I knock doors in the same neighborhood and got three jobs in that way. There was also another person who saw me towing my trailer, and called the number on it. I charge low, look professional (at least from my equipment). So, $4000 is really not that difficult considering I had a $1.1k job and a $1.5 job in that week.
  4. Whenever I knock doors, I leave a price quotation. Prices are low, and I highlighted moss free warranty on the sheet. People buy that. After about 20 quotes, I got one job.

Nice job! I’ve done some IT work in Vancouver BC. High cost of living especially housing but a great city! Congrats on killing it!:+1:

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Good job. I get all sick of people coming here with a $1k budget and a big box stores machine and say they are starting a business.


Preach it

That is very impressive. My first week of spring has gotten me $1,800, not even half of what you made but I don’t do door knocking and quoting, good idea though just don’t touch those mail boxes lol.

Congrats. Keep up the good work