First wash

I finally got out the other day and got my house washed. Played with different equipment and cleaners. Definitely prefer down streaming with the j rod over the x jet. Tried Zep house wash first and had marginal results then used straight bleach and what a difference.

For house washing, their is no replacement for bleach. Dont let any salesman try and tell you their product will work for algae. The only thing is bleach


I used to have a 4gpm machine, that thing was a bleach spraying beast. When I graduated to an 8gpm I had to hit the same stuff 2-3 times for the same effect. Fortunately I now have a 12v system for the stubborn stuff.

BTW you need to rinse that dormer better, still some algae left. Customers notice things like that.


@dcbrock, you adjust your mix for the higher flow?

As @dcbrock stated, put a little more into that dormer. Spray it with a second round of bleach/surfactant before rinsing. Let that second coat sit for a few moments then come back and rinse. Heck, even a third time if you need to. But if you notice on the first side of the home that the mix isn’t strong enough you can always add more bleach to the mix rather than having to coat it again and again. Good first practice though - Keep at it!

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I’ve always just used straight 10-12% from the tank. Wish I could lightly force feed the injector somehow so I don’t have to drag out the 12v.

What injector are you using.

GP 3-5gpm.

You got some issue somewhere. 0050 nozzle and a 2315 gun?

Yup. Remember we have crazy dirty houses here. I’d say one in five takes multiple passes.

This house took three hits. Wish I had my 12v set up for that one.

That’s normal for us after a year of not cleaning. Seriously, that’s one soap, wait a couple of minutes and rinse. You got something going on that’s restricting your pull, or bad bleach.

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It seems like ‘before’ photos never do justice as far as showing how dirty the house is up front. That photo looks like it has some lichen going on between the door & window, possibly even up high. It’s a great example of why I never bid based on square footage. House washing is like a box of chocolates.

This was about 10 years of multiple algae life cycle buildup. The bleach is fresh, straight from Russ 15 minutes from my house.

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Maybe not a year…or we’d put ourselves out of business with our 12-month guarantee…but pretty commonly seen here (although most of the folks who’s home looks like that won’t have it cleaned, lol)

I didn’t really consider that super dirty. That’s the reason we clean apartments every year, and some of them twice a year. Got to love mildewy South.

Yes sir. It there a few spots I have to redo. Got late and had low light.

Thank you.

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