First trailer setup

Hey everyone!

I’m wanting to build my first trailer but wanted to run my plan by you all for any input or advice.

Down2earth 6x12 SA trailer with 3500# axle

Two titan hose reels (one for pressure and one for fill):

200 ft of suttner hose (I’ve already got 100’ of yamatic):

100 ft garden hose

35 gallon chem (Sh) tank

100 gallon buffer tank

16” BE SC

I already have my 4gpm/4000 belt drive gx390 landa, a downstream injector bypass setup from manatee with whip line, a suttner 2315 gun, a backup gun, a j-rod with a shooter tip and M5ds, a pressure gauge, random other little pieces and a portable toolset.

Plan to run 200’ of pressure hose and keep that old extra 100’ for when needed.

I’ll have to figure out plumbing/filters but we don’t need to get into that yet lol I’ll bug yall later I’m sure.

Anything you guys can think that I’m missing here or have recommendations for a different brand or way to go?

Thanks as always!

fittings qc’s, lots of those. viton oring set both 1/4 & 3/8. extra 1/4 vinyl braided hose. hose for buffer to pump with filter.

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•5-gallon buckets
•Brush on telescopic pole
•Pump-up sprayers
•Extra 50’ section of garden hose
•Ladder rack
•Garden hose “Y” type splitter with a short (3 - 5 foot) leader hose on it for filling buckets/sprayers and washing hands
•Way to mount/transport signage
•Safety cones

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Wrote those down. Thank you!

Roger that, officer! Hope the new job is going well

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I heard that all he does is pull over pressure washers and tell them to get out of his town :smile:


And write violations for any lawn signs that aren’t mine! :laughing:


Geez, it is out of control in some areas and I live in the boondocks. I must have seen 15 signs in one intersection for one pressure washer in an area I don’t service. Of course they were the cheap ones that are so small you can hardly read them.