First time with fleet washing

So I have a shot at washing some semi trucks … there are 185 trucks 107 trailers and 75 chassis … I was wondering on a price point of maybe $20-$25 a unit … I have been reading forums and doing some research and will continue to do so … but wanted to see if that would be a good price … I know I can make money at this but is it worth the time at that price point …trucks are washed once a week and trailers every other week or as I can get to them in the yard…wondering if it would be worth it because it sounds like it will take a good portion of time and once I sign a contract I will honor it for the duration and I don’t want to cry everyday before I go to work hahah … any help would be appriciated …
Right now I’m running cold water so I will have to hand brush everything … but this could be money to upgrade faster

Too much work for too little money…for me.


Look into two stepping when washing this will eliminate you having to brush. Also get on Facebook and search for Fleet Wash Academy page. Lots of great threads about pricing but lots of variables come into play. Do you have to reclaim water? Do they provide water? Do they want chrome done? Do they want the engine bays? How often is the cleaning to be performed? Will x amount of trucks be there everytime your there or do you have to locate them? etc etc Its good steady money but a lot of work.

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I started doing fleetwashing. I got $7.50 four tractors, $15 for trailers, $10 for straight trucks and $6 for postal jeeps. Gotta roll to make money. Two stepping worked great but after about a year or starts dulling the paint. Gotta wash in any weather and usually nights and weekends. Drivers nit pick everything and now you have to worry about reclaim. I don’t know your situation but if you sign a year contract the last 11 months will cause you nightmares.


Make sure this is worth your time and price accordingly. With that said. Not all chemicals need hot water to do a fleet wash. There is a difference between fleet washing and detailing. Also do you have to supply the water or reclaim?

That is what I’m looking at as of now the guy just wants them washed … and I know he said the last guy did not reclaim … but because the last guy didn’t reclaim doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require to be … im not set up to reclaim so if that’s the case it’s a no go … thanks for the incite

As of what I know the last guy did not reclaim and I don’t think I need to supply the water … they just want the trucks washed … residential house washing and concrete cleaning is what I know how to do … this is just something that popped up that I thought might be a steady cash flow … I was thinking of just downstreaming panel brite and maybe brushing as needed and the rinse …??? After I talk to the guy I will maybe try to do a trail run and see if that process will work or not ?

I would do some, even if for free, to figure out your pricing before I signed a contract. Be sure to figure in your equipment costs. You’re going to be putting lots of hours on equipment, wearing out hoses, fuel, etc.


I just got my machine fixed, and i would like to do some fleet washing as well, i am trying to figure out my costs etc. I am was thinking the same as @Racer, since i do t know the business very well, i will go and do a couple trucks for free so they can see my work

For whatever reason the fleet guys don’t like to share info much. I would suggest you go clean a couple for free so that you understand what’s involved as far as effort and time then set your pricing from there.


@Racer thanks for the suggestion … I may do that … I was thinking just charge them for the soap for the trail effort … I’m washing one of the owners houses friday !! So they will see the work I do there… I may even offer my services on a as needed basis … this may be more than I can handle right now so I was thinking maybe when things get real bad they can line them up for me and I can knock out 30 trucks or so on a sat

Fleet is a fickle beast and pricing definently depends on location type of service etc…you will need heat to do a quality job year round the right chems and 2 guys minimum… more depending on type of service you are doing.

That said fleet is great if you can do it and do it well. It is scheduled and consistent work. Many clients i have never spoken to in the last 2 years, show up do the work send the bill get the cheque. I may work weekends but i know when and what days i am working and that there is a steady stream of revenue coming in. I am not running around and on the phone on my days “off” trying to bid and drum up work.
If you want more “insights” PM me and we can set up a time to chat on the phone.

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I’m in Texas and I charge my Customers of small fleets $120 to $150 for truck and trailer. It is a tricky service. I still have not found the perfect truck wash chemical and that’s the difference in me doing a truck in 1 1/2 hours and another company doing a truck in 15 to 30 mins with the right truck wash chemical. That’s the secret to truck washing and how do you compete that service if everyone knew the secret! Some fleet washes will also leave a film if mixed too hot on a hot day so there are a lot of factors. Also a factor is if the customer wants wants acid or no acid on tanks or in your fleet wash.

Fleetwash sounds like the the ‘storefront window cleaning’ of the power washing world… with a whole lot more headaches and equipment.

Sound about right, @dcbrock, @Jordie, or @Steve?


Oh, the days of storefront chasing. Even now I get the occasional call to do ‘a small business once a month’ nonsense.


I was just asked to bid cleaning a small fleet of less than 20 cargo vans. I considered doing it because it would be a regular basis type thing but after reading thru this post it confirmed my thoughts that this is a niche specialty, just like parking garages. Unless set up properly and have the proper training or experience, I can see myself hating the job and regretting taking it. Btw, never sign a contract without a trial run. That’s just common sense.

You should give Hydro Chem a call regarding chemicals if you are still doing this. I can knock out a daycab in 10-12 minutes on average. Depending on the fleet and frequency I charge anywhere between $22 and $35 for a daycab.

Well, I stopped washing fleets I’m 1999 but I appreciate the input.

No clue why it tagged you. That was for @Pridepressurewashing

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C’mon, we all know you’re looking to expand your business :rofl: