First Time Truck Wash

Hey guys I have a family member that has a truck that he wants washed fairly regularly. I have done work for him in the past but this is a bit out of my comfort zone. I told him he could go to a truck stop and most would wash it but he is really wanting me to do it and I don’t live far from him. I was planning on getting a 5 gallon kit of panel bright brushless truck wash and just down streaming that.
Would this be alright if I’m only going to be doing it every 2 weeks or so? Thank you!

Get a foam cannon to apply the soap.

You using a hot washer?

I have one but it’s for I think 2 gpm and feel like it wouldn’t work but have never tried.

No hot water, is that required or just speed it up?

If you want your chemicals to work properly you’ll need hot water. You’re wife wash dishes with dawn in cold water? Same thing. You’re dealing with grease n oil. Especially under the hood. And you don’t need a foam cannon. I have one and it’s a pain. I Downstream at 17:1 at 140 degrees. Two step when you can. Cuts you’re time in half. But don’t use acid on polished aluminum!

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I live and work in northern Arkansas. You can get away washing here with a cold water during 2/3 of the summer. But even in the summer I wouldn’t want to wash a truck engine or frame rails without at least 140 degrees. Sometimes I go up to 180 if the truck had a major oil or hydro hose break and cover the entire truck n trailer

Just got asked to do fleet for excavating CO. Never did trucks, only resdiential, PT side hustle, just me, low overhead. run a 4gpm (Hotsy) cold . Is this outa the question. Dont wana waste my time or companies.

That’s up to you to decide. Do you have a large buffer tank? Will there be water? Exactly what will you be washing? What are the expectations?

Off the cuff I’d say no it probably won’t turn out good for you or the other company but who knows. Maybe you’ll find your niche.

I started out with a 4gpm hotsy hot water 1175be, Made me alot of money. That said im running @ a minimum of 5.5gpm pumps now. Its all about how many and how much grease and debris you have to remove, If you go cold water expect more chemical usage, Labor, Brushing and time to achieve the same outcome of using hot water, Id never personally do it unless my hot water isn’t working on a Friday night and I can’t get it fixed till Monday afternoon after we wash all weekend @Ryan1

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