First Time Starting Pressure Washer

Ok so I finally finished all the plumbing on my trailer, and I was getting ready to test it, but I’m honestly a little nervous. I don’t want to start this thing up and screw it up. So before I do, here is a basic shot of my plumbing.

This may be an extremely stupid question, but when starting it up, does the hose to the inlet need to be completely full (as in water touching the inlet) before I crank it up? Because as of right now, water is only about half way up the hose due to the incline I have it at. I have a belt drive machine, so I know it will pull a suction on the tank. I just don’t want to risk it without asking here first.

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It will be perfectly fine starting it dry. Start it at a lower throttle and keep the trigger squeezed. It will pull water almost instantly into the pump.


I had the opposite experience. I don’t run a buffer tank, but i tried hooking mine into a bucket of water just to make sure it worked in case I ever had to. So the hose went up over the side of the bucket and down to the machine. I expected it to suck the water right up, but it did not. I filled that hose up with water and then it worked. Maybe squeezing the trigger is key to let the air out. I didn’t do that.

If its a pull start. Keep switch on off. Pull it a few times and you’ll see it pulling water into pump.


Who uses pull start these days?

Some of us Honda users