First time reel buyer for 1/2" softwash

i bought 250’ of the flexzilla air hose 1/2" id . I’m wondering if i should get a reel that holds it all or only 200ft because i hear you will lose a good amount of distance with the extra 50’. I could cut it back 50’ and use cam locks or quick disconnects but do i still want a larger reel incase i wanna roll the 50’ on the reel for storage or roll it up and keep it separate. I probably wanna go with the northern tool reels because i have a 50 credit and they are the cheapest. I don’t do much right now. So a cheapo manual will be fine.

I would rather spend a bit more the the 250’ than in a few months you realize you want the bigger reel that holds 250’. Now you have to go buy a whole 'nother reel

sorry i was also looking at the general pump reels at pressurewashers direct which are the cheaper ones

maybe I’m missing something, what did you buy air hose for?

It’s the same as the garden hose

200 is plenty. Here’s an illustration of the reach. You’ll probably never use the extra 50. image

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what is the 3/8" equivalent reel size for a 200 or 250’ of 1/2"… 300x3/8" ? 350x3/8" 400x3/8" 450x3/8" ?

It should fit on a 12” reel

This is 250’ of 1/2” flexzilla on a 12” Titan reel.

The spool it comes on is basically a 12" by 16" and it goes past the outside diameter one hose length but I don’t know the start point on the inside. what model is that titan ?

I don’t know how you guys do it with 200’. I have 200’ of hose on my softwash but am going to 300’. I stay out of customer driveways and it’s often 100’ just to get to the house.

What would be the reason to park on the road to wash a house? I can understand a driveway, I can’t see any customer upset that you’ve parked close to there house to do a service they’ve booked you for.

If the house is more than 40’ from the curb, I’m pulling in to the driveway.

I’m more likely to be staining than just cleaning. Cleaning is usually my upsell since I established my business doing wood. You only have to have a house blow once spraying stain all over the street to never park in the driveway. So I just made it a policy.

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And here I thought you did it so you could put your go fasters on and double time back and forth for pt. :smile: I park in the street 95% of the time. The only time I don’t is if the house has a really long lane or the house is on a main highway where you can’t park on the street.

PT is more like Physical Therapy these days…lol

never bought a reel but plan to asap. still looking