First test run job

BermudaOne Pressure Washing & Restorations

Richmond, VA

Looks great!

Keep up the good work.

Great Job.

great job talk about a good start!

Looks good man.
I’ve always liked the way brick comes out looking

Good stuff!

What a change! Funny that you’re from Richmond, VA. I just spent last semester studying there on a go abroad program, and I’ll be back visiting the uni in April.

Nice job BermudaOne! Did you use any chems, or just pressure?

Thanks! I used a local house wash mix and SC. Honestly I probably didnt need any on the steps because I ended up hitting it with pressure anyway. Im still trying to learn what is best used for brick, siding, gutter etc.

Nick R.
Bermuda One Pressure Washing & Restorations
Richmond, Va