First soft wash - cleaning mosaic tile building walls

Hello everyone,
This is my first commercial soft wash of a 4 storey building walled with mosaic tiles. I guess it may have never been washed before. This will involve cleaning the walls and windows before painting of the large window hoods. This work is in the Nigeria industrial city of Lagos.
I have done a test wash with a mix of basically about 5% SH and no surfactant added. I also did a test patch of the obviously dirty concrete floor. I haven’t yet been given the floor job but i am hopeful that the walls will come out much better than it presently is and would subsequently land the massive floor job.
I have had scaffolds set up to provide platform as i don’t yet have the equipment to spray that high.
Any tips to get this work done fast and good?


Wow, is the entire building covered in those tiles? Also that floor test spot was a great idea show them what it could look like.

NOPE ! You’ll never see me up there. My advice is , Don’t do it, lol. But I’m sure ppl have better advice than that on here. Good luck man… keep us posted.Cool job.

Wow! I did the job. 3 days soft washing and another 3 to relocate the scaffolding as we went round the property. Client is Glad and there are prospects for other jobs. We took away some referrals also. Some after pics. image|375x500



Wow great job. I don’t have much else to add but I am a fan of Fela!

good job

You did a nice job for sure. Did you use a pressure washer to downstream? An m5ds xjet would get up 40-50’ and would be cheaper and way faster than scaffolding.

No nozzle would be able to reach that high from the ground. A lift would have saved some time but he got it done. Good job!

Is it more than 40’? Might be its hard to tell from the pics. Typical buildings are 10’ per story, which if he didn’t have to do the roof might only be 40’ if it’s regular size floors. At the very least maybe do scaffolding up the first two floors and spray from there. I just used my bucket truck to get up 30’ and clean to the top of a 68’ building at the theater here. Was pretty surprised how far I was able to get with it. But then again that’s on an 8gpm machine. The op did say he didn’t have the equipment to get that high…

Yes, I did use a pressure washer to rinse since the tiles could take the pressure and the age long dirt was tough to go. I don’t have the xjet setup. Would be a nice thing to have.

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The building is 20m high! That is about 65feet.the thing is the scaffolding was done side after side as we progressed. So we didn’t use a lot of material but spent quite some time rigging up and down.

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You did an awesome job regardless of how you did it, bravo.

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Scaffolding nicer than ladders for sure! Excellent job man.