First Roof Wash!


Equipment used was my 4k/4gpm machine with an x-jet. No proportioner, strait 12.5% with cling on and E-lemonator.

I think it came our great! customer loved it.

I was super nervous going in. Being my first roof and all. I had done much reading on the forum and got as much info as possible before booking a roof job. Thanks to everyone for all the great info on here!

Thinking of getting a 12v pump. I can see this bucket getting old real fast!


I’m not sure how that driveway pick got in there, but that was also my first driveway lol.


I xjetted a few roofs, it can and does work … contrary to what people think. But the bucket does get old, once you switch to a 12v you’ll be happy.


It does seem like the cheap and hard way to do it, but it does work! Think I will take the first 2 roof Jobs i Get and get a good one. Any equipment you suggest?


The bandit from pressuretek is an easy all in one system. That’s what I have, found myne used though for cheap.

Or you can build your own for $800. ( a nice set up)

Go check out “Doug Rucker’s” store, and look at the 12volt system he’s selling. I’ve priced it out to about $800

Not much to them.

Don’t buy from him though lol

Where are you located?


Nvm, I see texas


Why not doug rucker? I actually recently found him and realized he not far from me. Is he not reputable?


@Innocentbystander. Ask him lol


I won’t slander the guy, personally don’t know him. I’ve just heard read enough to not want to give him my money


Wow, nice! I have the same exact setup, a little sketched about doing minor roof washes but those pictures are fantastic.

Did you walk the roof or laddered your way around?


Thanks! Honestly If you have experience house washing, go for it. That one i did from the ground, and used a 5ft step ladder at most. It was all 1 story, except that barn looking home, it was 2 storys, but the roof went strait up. it was basically flat. That was the hardest. cling-on helped but I had to re-apply twice, and retouch once. But the regular roof went smooth. Just soap on rinse off. although with a 4gpm youll see rinsing takes forever lol. Really need more flow.


Sometimes I wonder if it’s better to just hook up a garden hose and use a simple jet nozzle straight out of the tap for rinsing. Most houses seem to run at least 5gpm.


Don’t RINSE!!! Let Mother Nature do it’s work. You’ll get your time by 2/3rds and give customers better longer lasting results,


Honestly I have read that, But I We’re not supposed to see rain soon and I was getting nervous about leaving the bleach there that long. It started looking weird so I started rinsing and wanted to see the real results today to make sure it was good. You dont think 2-3 weeks of no rain could harm the roof?


No, after a day the bleach is evaporated and your left with salt. I mean I get if it’s not going to rain for three weeks. I always leave my roofs and if there’s no rain in the forecast I’ll go back a few weeks later and rinse. ya

It all depends on communicating it ahead of time with your customers. I explain it like fertilizing your lawn, it’s working, it takes time.

I also do NET 30 billing on all roof jobs and customers don’t pay until the roof looks good.


People like to see results, I don’t think that would fly where I’m located.:grimacing:


Customers aren’t as sketched out about non instant results if your not asking for money up until the end product


How do you know? How many roofs have you cleaned?

Trust me, I was the same way… once you learn how to effectively communicate to the customer, they don’t have any problems.


I could see that with most my customers, as I do keep good client relationships… But she was already pointing out spots WHILE I WAS WORKING lol… yeah that type… I Think doing just a light rinse after a 20-30 minute dwell would kinda re vamp the bleach if it dried in the sun, and then rinse a bit down so its not so concentrated. but I dont think I’ll spend an hour rinsing next time haha


Based on window cleaning mentality, and the surface cleaning/house washes I managed to get in before weather turned last year. If the bleach/water removes the streaks without a final rinse, I suppose they’d be amenable.