First roof cleaning price and performance feedback

Alright I did my first pair of roofs today. One was copper-colored tin or aluminum and the other was standard shingles. The client was very happy but I just want to get a little feedback on my results and pricing.

I quoted $500/each for house wash and roof wash, and one had a small wooden deck and the other had a small stone walkway. Each house is 1 story and in the 2000 square foot range. I used a Fatboy setup with a Pro-Mix-A-Lot.

Here are the before and after pics.

I had to hit the shingle roof a 2nd time and had to do some small retouches on the copper one. I’m not sure if that was because my surfactant wasn’t strong enough but I was using cling-on that’s been sitting out unopened for at least a year. The first time on the shingle roof I walked it and sprayed standing up but the second time I bent down and really got close and that got it a lot cleaner.

Also, what do you do for a slippery roof that you also have trouble reaching the peaks on? I slipped and almost fell off trying to walk the copper roof and decided to hit it from the gutters but I had a really hard time getting the peaks.

Also what do you do for gutters that go into the ground and you can’t bag? Just flush them with water?

The biggest thing I didn’t expect was how difficult it would be to get pine straw off the roof. I brought a Kobalt 24v max blower and yeah it’s not a gas-powered but it still puts out some air. The pine straw was matted so bad I basically had to push it off.

Altogether we spent 7 hours on site and it was a 40 minute drive out into a beautiful lake community. Not ideal time-wise but I had a new employee I had to show how to do a house wash and it was my first time doing roofs so I’m ok with it.


Both look good. You got good money on both. Pine needles can be a pain. Be careful with your ladder, esp how you have on the shingle roof. You want it about 75 deg. A lot of ladder injuries come from kick out. Stand with your feet at base of ladder and lean ladder out till your arms fully extended - that’s about the angle you want. Get you a stabilizer too.

Keep up good work.


Yeah…never walk a metal roof more than just a gentle slope. Even a dry one has dust and pollen on it, and those ordinarily sticky soles on your shoes turn into ice skates once they get coated.

Roof looks great though, we have TONS of that here. I’m seriously debating whether to try a couple small ones.

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If the gutters go to the yard to a pop up I usually flood that area while I’m doing that section of roof. After it dries I then stick the hose in that section of gutter to flush it out to the pop up for further dilution. Sprinkle some gypsum on your way out and rest easy.

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Looks good to me.

Technically it is a 4 to 1 ratio for the ladder. 12 ft up, 3 feet out. 16 ft up, 4 ft out…eg. Sorry…I am a SH Manager :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Done :+1:t2: