First Practice Run

Hey everyone, so my first practice run was on this back porch. Definitely was a good experience to get things running and actually get some hands on time. I haven’t run a washer in 10+ years and never professionally. I went into this run with just practice in mind.

Used a Dewalt 3800 @ 3.5 gpm with 30 Seconds cleaner. Don’t kick me too hard, washer was brand new and I picked it up for $400 figuring it’d be a good starter to learn with and perhaps do a few jobs and make some money to upgrade with. I know the cleaner isn’t the best either, and is a bit over priced. Anyway, dwell time was 10 minutes before being sprayed down. Just mixed 1:1 between cleaner and water.

Looks a little better to me, although not as good as I’d hoped. For the spots that are still there do you think a longer dwell time or the mix being stronger would’ve removed those spots? I tried running through with different nozzles and nothing. I appreciate the input!

Real dark spot in that corner of the 2nd and 3rd after pic is where it was still kinda wet.

I’m surprised how much of that black spray paint you got up! If it’s your house, might be worth trying some oxalic acid in those rust-colored spots. May help level it all out some. Are you using a small surface cleaner, or the wand?

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I appreciate that sir, I’ll try that out on those spots. I was just using the wand that came with the unit. Do you think it’d be possible to lift the rest of that spray paint somehow?

Graffiti remover (Lowe’s) works great