First pool deck


Did my first kool deck around our pool. It turned out really good.



Did you have to do something to keep the dirty water from running into the pool?



No. The pavers around the edge are a little raise and that helped keep it out.


Did you use a surface cleaner ?? What did u pre treat with?


Yes. SC @ 1500 psi and Pre and post treat with SH


Looks great David! Curious of what you did with SH post…


I had a lot of areas that still had light moldy areas. As I am still fairly new to pw I wanted to see what the capabilities were with straight 12.5 ds. Also want to see if it would effect any of my landscaping. Was not concerned if anything did die, but I had no problems since everything was fairly damp.


Nice job man.


We use something similar to these from New Pig. We also try to schedule pool decks a day or two before the pool service comes if the customer has one.


thank you I am a newbie to and I was searching on How to clean kool decks and this information was great. Refresh Power Washing


Looks good!