First paver Job

Hey all,

Did my first paver job today. The customer owns a very big landscaping company and asked me to clean his display pavers, all different sorts. Figured it would be a good learning experience.

Shot it with a 50/50 straight CH mix (notice the white residue) customer is aware it will rinse away with rain.

Just want to see some honest opinions of the before and after. Customer was beyond happy. I am 80% happy with results, thinking I could do better with more pressure on the rinse to get the dirt off the white concrete.

As always, thanks for the criticism and advice.

edit just saw they didn’t upload in the order I selected them.


It will not rinse away with rain. CH is some horrible stuff to put on a customers property.

I am new to softwash. Why is calhypo so bad?

Why would it rinse away with a garden hose and not rain?:thinking:

I just don’t get soft washing on surfaces like that?

Please do correct me if I’m wrong - but all you do is spray an insanely strong chemical down and then rinse gently rinse away with no pressure?

I understand chems are pretty cheap, but I just can’t see soft washing doing a good job on hard surfaces like those.

With all the hype/marketing going on around soft washing, people now seem to actually buy into the idea that pressure = damage :frowning:

One doesn’t replace the other, it simply cannot - no matter how much chemical you throw at a surface.

Rant over :joy:

May I ask why didn’t use SH for this job?

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Steve, reason I soft washed this job is because it saved me from having to resand and seal. About the SH, I’ve just read about CH and SH and wanted to truly test it for myself. Normally I use SH. But wanted to see results of both first hand.

It turned out great. Went out there again today and most of the white residue is gone, some stayed in the low spots where the water came back to. Also CH has much less salt so less harmful on vegetation, this site like I said is a display home for a major landscaping company in my area.

Also, agree with you 100% soft washing does not replace power washing, this was more so an experiment. Charged customer cost of materials so he was happy to help. In the end he got his pavers cleaned and he loves the look.

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Ahhh the sand. Got ya :+1:t2:

Thanks for the reply :wink:

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Looks like it didn’t rinse away. It’s still there in your after pics. Research the history of his company and the problems created by CH when Doug Rucker was the Guinea pig. Michael had to help acid wash the entire property to remove the film.

Those after pics are from day of. We have been getting some rain on and off, went out there today and most is gone except for the low spots. I’m thinking heavy rain this Friday will clean all off. I’ll look into what ya said though!

Why do you assume pressure washing will remove the sand ? Sure if your basting it with a wand , but have the correct equipment is part of the job a surface cleaner allows most of the sand to resettle if done correctly. Half the driveways and most of the patios we clean are pavers. Removing the sand is not an issue.
BTW you never should half left the job leaving white spots . That’s not a clean enough surface to ask for payment. Hopefully you didn’t ruin them using CH . You may find yourself doing an acid bath just to remove the residue

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Interesting read about CH and the issues Doug Rucker had, seems like something too stay away from. But it was good to read how Michael stood behind the issue and refunded Dougs purchase. Also how he drove from Dallas to Houston to fix the issue.

As a side note we purchased Doug Ruckers class and have since talked to him, seems like a stand up guy.

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Do you have a link to the read ?

Yes, this should work.


You used no surfactant, correct?

Very good research Walt

What did you think of Doug’s classss? Would you recommend? Thanks

Doug’s class will help you get a basic understanding of pressure washing, and help with the business side. I found it helpful to get all the info in one place. though he is a salesman pushing his products.

I felt it helped me get the information that helped me decide on the business of whether I wanted to do it.

Hope this helps.