First new set up

Just a dry mock-up of everything. I plan on getting a smaller tank soon. But I will have a float valve to keep it from getting over 125 gallons in it and will adjust it as needed. I have a belt driven cat pump pressure pro 4200 psi 4gpm and a BE 16” surface cleaner. I have a suttner gun and j rod. I plan on doing down stream for now. LLC and trade name are taken care of just need to get some insurance and practice. Any thoughts?

You’re probably going to want a bigger reel and more garden hose. Looks like you have 50 feet each?

I ran 150ft of pressurewasher hose and 100ft of garden hose and that got me through 90 percent of my jobs last year.

In regards to insurance, be very careful who you choose and make sure they actually cover you for what you need.

Take the ramp off the back of the trailer and take the wheels off the machine and bolt it to the trailer

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Blue hose reel is 250 the other 200

Why no ramp?

If you have any way you can get a 50 gallon leg tank for a buffer, do that. If not, go buy yourself about 60’ of corrugated, perforated drain tile and stuff it in that tote to help with sloshing.

50 gallon will work for buffer?

  1. Why would you need it?
  2. Takes some unnecessary weight off the trailer
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Yes, I ran a 30 gallon buffer on my 4GPM last year - only had an issue on very slow wells.

The only point of your buffer tank is to protect your pump, 50 gallon buffer on a slow well (probably 2gpm) will give you 25 minutes on the gun without running it out.

Having that IBC 1/4 or 1/2 full is going to rock your vehicle back and forth when you come to a stop.

I wasnt going to drive with water in it but good point

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Then there’s even more reason to go with a smaller tank. No way you’re going to want to wait for that thing to fill up on a slow water supply. The only advantage to a larger tank is being able to bring more water with you to start out with.

Congrats on your first rig, btw :+1:t2::grin:


Thank you

Plus, smaller tank gives you more space. Good starter unit. I’m a little concerned by the tire size, are those 13’s?

12” rim. Won’t be driving with a full water tank.

Oh wow. Yeah man I’d heavily reconsider filling to 125 gallons at the job site with 12’s. Water alone will be 1000#.

I was considering a 65 gallon and using a float valve so I can keep the water going constant. The trailer is rated for 1500 pounds driving so I think it’ll be fine sitting. I filled up half my 270 parked and she didn’t even budge.

Over under on how long before OP puts the rear bumper into that tongue toolbox.

I say within the next 3 months.

2 weeks, max. (Assuming he’s using it daily)

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He’s saying the toolbox on the tongue is going to get in the way if you turn too tightly/ jackknife the trailer.