First Machine Advice

New to the forum, wanted to solicit some guidance.
I am in no hurry to get started, but was considerring a 5.5 GPM/2500 PSI machine.
My goals are low pressure house wash and concrete/driveway/sidewalk surface cleaning.
I see many posts that regret not having an 8 gpm machine over an 4 or 5 gpm machine.
With a higher than “normal” budget, would you recommend starting with an 8gpm/3500psi machine from the get go, as opposed to upgrading down the road, from an initial 4gpm/4000psi purchase?
I can assemble “used” trailer/tanks/etc to save on the accessories.
As an existing business, the initial equipment expenditure can be used as asset acqisition, so, $2500/$4000 is not so important to me as to usefullness of equipment in the long run.
I can wait, and start with beefier equipment, if it would save in the long run.
Any guidance appreciated.

I started my business about 3mos ago…bit the bullet and got the 8gpm 3500psi machine…it was money well spent.

I would not consider starting a professional washing business with anything less. As an example…as I said, I am new to this, so I am not as efficient at this as someone that has been doing it for a couple of years. Yesterday, I washed a 2000sq ft house, part of their driveway and did a little added value cleaning that was not part of the original quote…in less than 2hrs from the time I arrived, I was leaving.and on my way to see about another job. There is no way that I could have done that with a 4gpm machine.

I went pretty much whole hog with my start up that includes entire trailer setup including hot water, insurance, clothing, cards, yard and truck signage…everything needed…spent 12,000. By the end of Dec, I will have recouped at least 75% of my start up cost…that is within 14wks of parttime work. And, I have a bid on a job, that if I get it, I will have recouped all of my investment by the end of Dec…in the same 14wks. This has been done in a pretty sorry rural, small town market.

It appears to me, that most of the new guys on this forum are not serious about this business…they want to play at it with no investment and this will result in them being out of business within a year or, at best, working for yardman/low ball prices.


I’m only two months in with a 5.5gpm 2500 psi machine and love it. I stay residential and can knock out almost anything. Honestly now I am contemplating a second machine and hiring a second guy. I could use the help having someone get the driveway done while I knock out the pool Cage or house.

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I did exactly what the majority of folks do went out and got a 4 GPM machine just to turn around and buy an 8. Go with the 8 GPM machine, you will not look back and wish you had. It is really night and day difference. I was lucky and bought one used from someone I trust. If the funds are there go for it. I will probably buy another 8 GPM machine this spring to run two lines and pick up a guy to help me out most days. The work is there, yes there is also lots of competition in many areas but if you are honest and fair you will stay busy.

Thanks for the input, is there a recommended 8GPM/3500psi machine?
I assume the Pressure-Pro brand is what folks get? Is there a combo kit with accessories avaiable ?
Are there vendor representation here on the forum?

Where I got mine -

See the configuration

Why do their Honda motors look different? I’ve been wondering for a while.

Lol. There is a lot of fiction in that link besides the pic of the motor. Find a reputable vendor and stick with them. If they lie about horse power and specs in their adds imagine dealing with them later.

I don’t think they spend a lot of time on their website. Just grab the model # and go to pressure pro site for latest pic. But pressure pro site won’t show with block mounted k7
Here you go -