First job!


Looks like it’s the same. Says it’s the M5DS xjet. Maybe something is different in the internal workings, or mine is shot.


Here you go-


One is low pressure, one is high pressure


Ok. Well I thought they were the same nozzle. Just one was on an xjet and the other connected directly to the hose. I’ve got the low pressure one I’m guessing. I got maybe 30’ out of it.


Did it pull soap? Through your downstream injector? That’s the M5DS

The X jet that has a barb on the bottom and you connect the hose to it and draw from a bucket…that’s the “X Jet”


I took just the nozzle off and screwed a quick connect in it to just try the nozzle. Didn’t use the actual xjet. And I was only trying it for rinse. Didn’t try to pull soap. As soon as I saw the short distance I immediately switched back to jrod.


I have both. I’ll have to take the xjet one apart. They look identical but one could have a smaller orfice.


The first half is the same. The back half is different. The m5ds does not have changeable orifice, its built into the back half. When you upgrade your gpm you need to buy a new m5ds.

The xjet has a changeable orifice as well as proportion capability. If you upgrade your gpm you can just change a $20 orifice. It also has a heavy bucket to lug around.


Yea, the bucket is why I really prefer to downstream unless I just need a more powerful mix.

If you use the xjet and don’t put any proportioner in, does that give you pretty much a 50/50 mix? That’s what the guy I bought the rig from told me at least. I he has a long siphon tube for the xjet, so I wouldn’t have to lug the bucket around as much. Although with the longer tube I’m not sure how much that changes the draw rate.


@squidskc did a video showing it pulling through 100’ of hose. I used 50’, but am considering bumping it up some. If I’m not mistaken, it should not affect draw rate.


For your 5gpm your looking realisticly at a 1-3 / 1-4 draw rate with no proportioner. Not 1-1


I’ll do some tests when I get the chance. Will be going out of town for the holiday. So it might be a few days.


I’ve read guys pulling through 200’ no problem. Squid has a really good YouTube video on x-jetting. :+1:


On another note. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


What do you all do to keep overspray etc from getting into the pool? We don’t have pools in the PNW so it is simply a matter of curiosity in my passion to learn this business.


To keep overspray of what going into pools? If SH, nothing. I shock my pool with the same SH I clean with


What @Harold said


Hey everyone, just checking back in. I haven’t gotten ANY more calls at all. Kind of a bummer. I’ve got business cards out there, magnetic signing on my truck, placed an ad in several papers and on bulletin board, hung flyers all over, put out magnetic business cards on mailboxes, posted on a ton of Facebook groups, posted an ad on Craiglist…everything short of making a website and getting myself on Google search.

Still nothing. Maybe it’s just a bad time of the year to try and get this started. With Christmas and the cooler weather. I’m hoping I get something going.

I had a company call me called “home advisor” trying to get me to pay them $288 to be listed on their website and get job leads through them. I didn’t go for it because I’m not familiar with them and wanted to check it out first. The guy seemed to just be trying to tell me anything he could to get me to buy into it. Anyone had any experience with “home advisor”?

I’m guessing it’s something like “Angie’s list”



If this is still relevant, go to HD for your bleach, but go to the outdoor section/pool section and buy the 10% SH. You can search it by “pool shock” or “Chlorine” on their app.