First job with F9

So I had my first job using F9 a couple of days ago and I’m looking for some feedback. I’m not sure if this is what I should have been expecting but it seemed to work. I followed the directions to a t. The only thing is, there is still a huge stain on the concrete. I’m assuming that’s becsuse the restaurant people dump grease in the dumpster instead of the grease trap like they should. I worked and worked on the stains… he did say that his main focus was the rust before I got started though. Anyway, please let me know what I did wrong and what I need to do better next time. Thank you all in advance!


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@Racer @Craig_Harrison

I have a question did you use any type of Degreaser or did you use hot water? I’m only asking because I’m trying to learn as much as possible to

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@GrimeStoppers What F9 products did you use? It doesnt look like you touched that oil stains at all.

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The rust removal part looks pretty good, but the grease part not. What degreaser did you use and did you use hot water? When mixed like that, take care of the degreasing first, then the rust.

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Used F9 BARC. I did use hot water at about 180-190 or so. I used ebc and I used some other degreaser that is manufactured near me. Another large company here uses purple power and says they have good success with that. But I believe @Racer said you have to be careful with that? I figured the oil has been in there too long to get much done. What would y’all suggest? The customer was excited to see the results but I don’t mind going back to hit that grease spot.

I guess I should note that I used degreaser first and then after an initial wash with the surface cleaner, I started with the rust

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How did you use the EBC?

I mixed 50/50 the second time. The first time I mixed it like I read on a post I believe you posted. I think it said 1/2 gallon to 20-25 gallons of water.

The ingredients in F9 and EBC will neutralize eachother…

Maybe wasn’t a thorough rinse between chemicals

I mean I used the ebc first. Then surface cleaner. Then rinsed and applied the F9… I don’t know what else to do to it… however… I would really to know how to do it better. I’m always down to impress a customer. Lol and this guy owns a lot more commercial properties… so there’s that…

Don’t know where you got that ratio, that’s for like a housewash. Here’s instructions for heavy grease below:

Concrete Heavy Build up Degreasing
*Parking stalls, drive thru order area, gas station pump area, grease collection stations, oil spills, food grease spills, hydraulic oil spills,

Apply Enviro Bio Cleaner (EBC) 50/50 with pump up sprayer. Spray effected area until product has completely saturated grease area. Allow EBC to sit for 2 minutes.
Agitate affected area with a stiff broom until grease/oil begins to lift from concrete.
Let area dry and sit for 15-20 minutes.
Pressure wash with wand or surface cleaner and rinse.
Reapply light mist of Enviro Bio Cleaner at 50/50 mix ratio to remove any remaining stains. Repeat step #3. **Note- affected area can be wet or dry when applying.

My standard mix for just medium commercial cleaning is about 8 oz per gal downstream with my 4gpm which puts it out at 9-1 or you can use xjet to apply. Let sit about 5 min.

Usually in the above heavy mix, after I’ve scrubbed and let sit, I downstream over it with my regular mix before I surface clean.


Awesome thank you. If I’m using my 12v pump, 50/50 gets pricey pretty quick. You think I should just use the pump up for the real heavy parts and the 12v for larger areas? Guess I’m just not seeing the results with it like I thought I would on a larger scale. But I could have been doing it wrong the whole time lol. Obviously the stuff works or you wouldn’t use it. Lol @Racer

yes, just use pump up. In that pic you show, would take you 60 sec to spray. For larger areas using 12v about 2 oz per gal.

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Ok. Thanks!