First job question

So I am about to start my first job, and have some questions…

  1. do u see any obstacles or problems I may run into? 2)should I protect the black stair rails? Will the solution affect them?
    3)what can U use to remove rust from stucco
    4)what do I use to remove the black staining on the gutters? Tiger striping.
    5)what is the best way to clean this pool deck?

I have some ideas…just seeing what u all think.

Thank u all in advance!!!


You might want to put that first job off for a few months


Down stream 1% sh leave sit for 15 min then surface clean . If needed post treat

I was at a job and did pool Saturday it was cement and travertine pre treated and Sc was all I needed

I use oxbrite Wich is oxalic for the rust looking stains on stucco that I use only if there still there after regular house wash mix

Your longest part will probably be the flat work
I would
1 spray all flat work with house wash mix
2wash house
3 rinse house
4 surface clean

That’s a pretty big job for a first time. It may not hurt to get with a local veteran and get him to do it with you. If not pay attention to every little detail.

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Also may not hurt to try and make an attempt at figuring out what he is doing.

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Pool decks in my area usually have efflorescence stains because our water is so hard. Just keep that in mind.

I washed the back of the house today. Everything went well. Going to finish on Friday. I have done some houses. Just not paid. Just practicing on some friends homes. I have an idea on how to get the job done. Just wanted to get the opinions of the experts on this site since i am new.:grin:.

Why the piece work? Just wondering. What set up are you working with?

I do have an idea of what I am doing. Just want to here different opinions from u all here on PWRA. I am brand new as a business owner. Just want some different opinions so that I have options that I can try and eventually figure out what works best for me. I am worried about the stair rails though…

Piece work bc it started pouring on me out of nowhere!
I have a 4000 psi 4 gpm machine set up on a trailer w 200’ 3/8 hose. 100 ft of garden hose. 225 gal tank. Everything plumbed in. No SC just yet. Also wondering about my price. 3000 square foot house wash and the pool deck u see. LOTS OF landscape and work being done to navigate around. Basically a pain in the ass to operate. I am charging $500

Wow I am surprised these guys didn’t rip you a new one. Just wash the house with 10 to 12.5 % and soap, same for the pool deck. Wet the plants a lot.

Well Knighthawk I do expect to get ripped into a little bit. Still fairly new and will ask some dumb questions. U know what? All good. I’m going for it. I’m gonna take my lumps and learn. So u are saying to use the 12.5% pool shock house mix for the pool deck also? Would u use any pressure on that deck?

Oops sorry didn’t read. Yes u did say that. Thnx

I see you’re just getting your feet wet so so I wanted to give you a quick heads up. If you bought pool shock at a big box store it’s probably not 12.5% I don’t doubt that it was 12.5 when they bottled it but its very unlikely that its fresh enough to actually be 12.5 by the time you bought it. Sh degrades quickly. In the future you’ll be better off buying from a pool supply store if you only need small quantities.

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Hey clean1. Thanks. I did buy from checkers pool supply. So hopefully it’s pretty close. The mix worked quick and well on the moldy north side of the house. I downstreamed 3 : 1 water to SH through 200 feet of hose on a 4 gpm machine.

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I have never used pool shock, I uses 10 % pool SH. I do not do enough work to buy the 55 gallon drum before it would go to waste. I use a 20" surface cleaner for pool decks and never had a problem. If need to be just idle down your washer.

Remember, air cooled engines need to run at WOT. Only throttle down if you have a radiator.

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