First job. Huge!


Is the building 80,000 square ft or did you measure the wall space?


I agree wholeheartedly


Wouldn’t it be nice to give access to advanced stuff after 6 months or a certificate of insurance, whichever came first. No posting until 20 hours read. Or some combination?


On the other side of the coin, how a question is asked is just as important as how a response is given.

“Hey guys, I’m brand new?, 80k sqft for my first job? what chemical?, how to price? Tips and tricks?”(my favorite one) will generate a different response than

“Hey guys, been doing a ton of reading but can’t find some info. Here’s the job. Here’s what I found. What am I overlooking?”

Plus read time is big with many here. From the get-go, they will check your profile to see.

And punctuating it with, “Hey, no prob. I got this, just like all my other successful businesses…” isn’t going to squeeze any more droplets of information from many…


You read my mind. My thought is if you have to ask how much to bid you’re not ready to do that job. If you want to verify your price pm someone you trust


I had the same concern. I am less worried that he could possibly get the job done, and am far more worried that his price could ruin his new business.


Forget the main entrance. Find a nice, boring spot in the back to dial in your process. Maybe let him pay for chems and do a day rate on labor if you want.