First job complete (pics)

Very nice looks good! Did you use anything on the concrete prior to washing it? Only reason I ask is it looks like there is a film of algae on the paver still. May just be the photos though.

Thanks, no I didn’t use anything!

Is that the pressure washer you’re using for the commercial jobs you want to bid?

Nooo, I’m going to just stick to residential

please don’t use that washer

Pour bleach and dawn soap and itll look brand new.


Nice pic. What is wrong with this pressure washer? I’m just starting out…

It could break halfway through a job. Do your first couple jobs, file llc, get a business bank account, buy insurance and upgrade to 5.5@2500 if possible.


Photoshop pics are not good


That one is… such precision. (Cant take credit for it though)

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What size is that machine?

Its a karcher k4

I see you’ve been reading a lot. That’s good. But in all seriousness, you need to get a part time nite job for a couple of months that you can save all your money from and get at least a basic commercial cleaning setup. That’s a toy. It’s made for homeowners to do basic jobs like washing their car or cleaning their patio like you did in the pics. It’s only got a 1.5gpm flow. It will take you frigging forever to do jobs. You want at least a 4gpm 3500psi machine. You can get a BASIC setup for what you need to be semi-professional for about $2000 with hoses, nozzles, machine, etc. If you’re going to do professionally, even part time, you need some 1/2 way decent equipment.

Not trying to dissuade you. Plenty of people on here have done just what I’m suggesting and built their business up from there.


What about this one? Is this OK to begin with?

Not really. Like the rest say, save your money and get something bigger, you should at least start at 4gpm 3500 psi or 5.5 2500 gpm machine, try looking at the machines at pressure tek or one of the other vendors on this site. I’m new to this also, I was going to buy a machine last month but as I read more and I realized I was going to need something bigger. So I’m saving every penny I can till the end of February and then buying the best machine I can.

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You could rent a pressure washer for each job until you have enough saved up to buy one. Take a deposit up front from your customers.

Since it looks like you’re overseas, try to find some washers not in your immediate area who could give you some advice where would be best place to buy. You want something with at least like a Honda 13hp engine. Flow more important than psi generally speaking.

much better but try to get a belt drive or at least a gear drive. will save you headaches later.