First job and a thank you

So i did my first job today and it went pretty well. Except for all the wasp trying to have their way with me. Ive spent the last few weeks reading and learning and gathered up the courage to try it out. Im running a 4 gpm machine that i bought last year to clean heavy equipment and thought why not try to make a few bucks extra. Backstory: I work 14/14 on a drilling rig in north Louisiana and have done odd jobs on my days off to occupy my time a make some cash.
I ordered some soap, a jrod, gauge, and wands and have been messing with it for the last few days to figure it out. My stock DS injector is pulling about 16:1 which is pretty lame and that’s only with 100’ of hose. Another one is on the way, along with more hoses, fittings etc. Based on what I’ve read the most i can get out of that injector is about .75-.80% hitting the surface. So i went with that and DS 12.5% straight with 1.5 oz per gal of elemonator and it worked out quite well. The algae and mold turned after a few minutes and rinsed off nicely. I DS with the 2540 and rinse with it also. I just wanted to say thanks for all the information available. I pick up new tips and techniques every time I search and read


You went the hard way, but arguably the right way. I bought an xjet and let the nozzle do the thinkin for me.

Congratulations on your first job. I remember my first job. It was hell and I dumped a whole 5 gallon bucket of bleach on the lawn. Good times…

Sounds like a helleva time. I made a few realizations today and will be working towards them in the coming weeks

Hey here is a pro tip. Out of every job you make, take 30 percent for taxes, 30 percent for your income, and 40 percent into your business account until you can 2x the replacement cost of your equipment. Then take the 40 percent and put it into your pocket. :slight_smile: