First hood cleaning job

Ok guys I’ve got my first hood cleaning job. Need advice on chemicals. Someone painted the hood. Gotta get the paint off and clean it.

Caustic is the greaser’s best friend.
Be careful!

Thanks. Ordered some from Trey at powerwash. When u say be careful, do you mean not to let it sit to long and watch for overspray?

And don’t get any on you. It’s nasty stuff and it doesn’t really hurt while it’s eating a hole in you. I have a nice 50 cent sized scar on the top of my foot where a drop of concentrate went through my pants, safety boot, and socks and ate a nice hole in the top of my foot. I never knew it until I saw it while stepping into the shower.
[MENTION=7601]Trey Posey[/MENTION] had a much worse experience.

Wow. Thanks a lot for the info.

Be safe with those hoods. Be sure you test the chemical to make sure it works before you start actually doing all of the work.

I would have to say like Thad about the chemical to use… Caustic is a KEC’ers best friends but you have to be careful using it! Chemical won’t do all the work on a painted hood, if it needs to be stripped than used caustic and above 200 degrees and it will do the trick… I hate getting new accounts that have painted hoods because it never look as good as a nice stainless steel hood once the job is done. The worst I’ve seen is an aluminium painted hood, what a nightmare to clean…

How’d it go [MENTION=7792]West[/MENTION]?