First Gas Station with EBC

This was my first gas station concrete cleaning job with my new hot water Pressure Pro. Had a couple of trouble spots around the diesel tanks but store has never been cleaned in four years. Those of you using EBC, what are some of your ratios you use applying EBC. I x-jetted 48 ounces to 4 gallons of water. On the diesel areas and dumpster pad I applied with a pump up sprayer at about 32 ounces in 3 gallons. I hope to learn a little more about concrete cleaning at the Pressure Washing Convention next week if anyone has time to sit down and talk and maybe share some of their knowledge.


EBC worked great on my last grease job, but needed to be applied straight in the more nasty areas.

The stuff can get expensive on bigger jobs.

Before pics?

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I didnt get my phone out until I was excited on how clean it was.