First driveway, patio, sidewalk, and pool area

pre and post treated.



going to work on a few rust and oil spots later.

comments, criticism and compliments welcomed


i believe my SH has been sitting too long, therefore isn’t a true 12.5% and i didn’t go hot enough when i DS’d.

Looks good , was the client happy?

well, it’s my home so i can’t complain with my first one. used everything i’ve gathered from here and my mentor, applied it in the field today and learned a lot from getting hands on.

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Looks good. Did you just down stream to pre-treat? If so, just for practice and to be able to see what to look for I would hit those stones with maybe a 50/50 mix and see if they’ll clean up a little more. Use that same mix and do a test spot on the driveway just to see if it gets cleaner. Down streaming is fine for pre-treating some concrete but your driveway was pretty filthy so I would’ve used a stronger mix. That’s where a 12v setup comes in handy. The driveway kind of looks like it’s still dirty but it might just be the concrete. Hard to tell just by looking at pictures sometimes. Doing a test spot with that strong mix will let you know if it’s as clean as it can get. I think it will clean up more though.


if you look at the sidewalk before and after, it does look brighter than the driveway. i used a stronger mix on the patio and sidewalk than i did the driveway. i will do a test spot on the driveway with a stronger mix to see if it could use another pass

i will say, in my opinion in looks much better in person, than pictures could show

Yeah, pictures don’t always do it justice. The sidewalk cleaned up extremely well. With the driveway it might just be the concrete and might be as clean as it can get. It looks a million times better than it did.

I’m just looking at the lighter spots along the edge that didn’t have algae before you cleaned it. You can just see the outline of where the heavy algae was even after it was cleaned. Even in the center you can see shadows or outlines in spots where the heavy algae buildup was. Like I said, it might just be the way the concrete is and might be as clean as it’s going to get. I figure it’s a good learning experience if anything.


love this reply. thank you