First dormer roof

I shot this from the ground, hose in one hand wand in the other when I was on the edges creating overspray. I didn’t bag the gutters not a whole lot of run off but I let the hose run by each gutter as I went, then went and soaked some more when done. Plan to bag in the future. Made me somewhat nervous.
While washing the house I could not get that left dormer left side clean I was able to splash some wash on it blindly from over the other section to the left. To steep for me to walk I was frustrated as hell. Customer tells me he never cleans that spot don’t worry about it. I’m going back to fix it. Any advice appreciated
I was so amped to get this done I forgot before picks this things was a poster before and after

Ladder on that left peak blocked my view with overhang. Maybe need my 32 ft ladder on the outside of the peak but that sucker won’t fit in my trailer


Why don’t you get a roof rack for your truck or a ladder rack? While this form of cleaning allows us to not use ladders as often… I almost pull mine out on a daily basis.

Yeah makes the most sense. Rack for the trailer.

That roof is very walkable. On the left side of the a peak in front you can easily walk up the valley and then down to the left side of the dormer.

That’s what I thought as well but some people just aren’t comfortable with heights. I would have done the whole thing from the roof, just do walking passes.

That’s a 1 minute throw the ladder up, soap rinse and be done scenario. Did he pay you or did you refuse payment?

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This may not be the best business to get into if you dont like heights.

I don’t mind height. I don’t do 10/12 pitch and greater valleys or not.

That house is not a 10/12 pitch.

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Still pretty walkable.

Any valley is walkable but there is no need to even get on the roof. Throw up the ladder in front, go up, soap and rinse. If lose my mind if my guys left that. Get yourself a 16, 28 and 40 for each truck.

Rack next on the list.

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I carry an eight foot step ladder that has always got me up high enough for a line of sight on spots like that, would that not work here? Maybe it’s higher than I realize. Not up close to the house, but maybe 15-20 feet back.

If you don’t want to walk the valley put the ladder here and use a standoff. If you’ve never walked a valley maybe give it a try. It’s easier than you might think. One foot on each side and you’re locked in.

Here’s another option that might come in handy. Can’t say I’ve ever used one so don’t know how well they work. Looks simple enough though.


There are like a ton of ways to get that. Put your ladder up to peak of dormer, ladder up to peak of front offset and shoot across, ladder in between the 2 dormers and let it rain on the far side of each (helps to have a spotter), put your ladder 4-5 feet up the roof of the front offset section and shoot it (need someone holding base of ladder or brace it against something). If you’re doing roofs, sometimes you have to be creative.

This is just the best! The drawing :joy:… I know it’s not meant to be funny!

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Cougar paws. Bag gutters.

It kind of was…lol…I did just have a circle at first then decided on a ladder. Then a stick figure.

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