First deck cleaning

I am currently working on my deck. Figured I would use all the chems on mine first to see if I ruined anything. Process as follows: Please give tips, criticize, help, whatever I need to that you see. (pictures at the end of post.)

-I soaked the wood and got it nice and wet.
-applied Rip It(picture below) and let it sit about 10 minutes.
-rinsed at low pressure(4090 deg tip) using the fan up and down method(so not to leave lines)
-applied Brightener(picture below) while the wood was still wet and let it sit for about 15 minutes
-rinsed again with low pressure(4090 deg tip)
-then rinsed with a the ball valve

The chems I am using were giving to me by a friend who bought them from Sunbrite(BTW: I DO NOT recommend sunbrite, horrible customer service experiences…Pressure Tek is much better)

Question: In the picture you will notice that one board is brighter or stripped more then the other, which makes me wonder if I did it right?

2nd question: I have a customer that wants me to re-stain his deck and apply a darker stain to it. Will the above method work for this?


Forgot the pictures in the post…

I use sodium pro and the end with a light ox acid

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Awesome job!

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