First deck cleaning

Hi guys, this is my first post on here, have to say I love the site, Tons of good information. Doing my first deck this week and wondering best way to do it. Thinking I could use my sh house wash, downstream but want to see what you guys think. What’s the best mix for this,

No SH on wood!!! That’s rule #1. It’s not good for wood. You need a wood cleaner & neutralizer. I prefer F18 & F8 from pressure tek. You can call Bob over there & he will gladly talk to you. There is good stuff at other supply houses too. If your in a rush go to a good hardware store in your area. They should have something. Or a paint store.

Thanks man, knew I came to the right place

You need a hydroxide and then a Brightner to bring the PH of the wood back to it’s proper level. You could use a bleach mixture nut preferably a hydroxide mixture will serve you better. An Oxalic or Cytralic Brightner is a must… Do a search here. And and also do what John D. Suggest. You can’t go wrong dealing with Bob from PTState Also if you join the PWRA you get a discount from these Vendors as well-- Good Luck;)

Is there a stain on the deck or is it just gray and dirty?

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Just grey and dirty she wants to stain it when I get done

You could use a bleach solution on that deck and then brighten it when completed. This is right up Jim Foley’s alley who is a wood restoration expert who can give you factual evidence that in some cases bleach works on wood like in this case. In our case we no longer use bleach on wood because we just adjust the amount of hydroxide we use and we do follow up all wood jobs with a neutralizer(Brightener).

Charlie Soden above is another wood expert who can give you some great advice as well.