First Commercial Job with Cinder block

Hey Guys,

Hoping you can help out here.

I know people don’t like giving pricing but I’m completely lost here. I haven’t done anything remotely close to this. Im ok spending an extra day so I can take my time as I learn what I am doing on the job.

The building is 40’ tall x 600 linear feet and cinder block.

For equipment I have 5.5gpm 2500psi machine along with the 7gpm bandit pump setup.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Okay, you gave us your equipment info and the dimensions of the building but what exactly are you doing to said building? Is it covered in algae and mildew or efflorescence or what? Pictures always help.

As far as pricing goes it is very simple. Calculate what you want to PROFIT per hour and times that by how many hours you expect the job to take you. That is your price.

Thanks for the response.

I can post pictures later today or tomorrow once I go. I saw it about 6 months ago when I was there and its just some algae and mildew. Nothing crazy.

I agree what you are saying about pricing but I don’t have any idea what this would take time wise. Up until this point I have just done vinyl siding so I don’t have an idea of time for this project.

I’m thinking it will take myself and my helper two days to complete this and will probably rent a lift as well.

What do you think chemical wise for this size job? Do you have an approximate amount per sf that would be used?

Is it painted cinder block or just plain? Get us some pics.

Pics will help. If its painted I have no clue but if it’s not you probably need to use the 12v and start at like 2% and go up from there.

Hey Guys,

Just went to check out the building. 2 of the sides are unpainted and one side is painted. I had forgot that it’s only the bottom half that has the cinderblock.