First Commercial job, asking advice

Heres the deal…Ive started PWing to boost income (like all of us). I have a 2.5 gpm 3200psi machine and I just bought a 4gpm 4k psi (picking it up on Monday). Im a Paramedic, so we go to a LOT of facilities. My partners Fiance works at a facility and the Office Manager wanted a quote from me to PW the building, flatwork, and windows. I have about a week to prep, I sent the estimate to her last night, we will see…Biulding is 6300 sq ft, single story, with 2nd floor window facade wall in front. Stucco construction, with what appear to be aluminum squares making collums in the walls. She only wants front and sides done, so house space comes out to like 4300. Flat work isnt gonna be a problem, just ordered a 20" SC to go on the 4gpm with my 15" SC going on the 2.5. Not concerned about price, I did the estimate and bid fair, she just paid a crap ton for a super bad floor wax job, so Im really not worried there. My whole question is this…since I dont have a softwash system and dont have a bulk SH option yet, Im trying to figure out a safe estimate on SH needs…I am debating getting a 55gal barrel with the bung hole, buying bulk SH and using a siphon to transfer SH into my 5 gal totes (12.5%), or just buying walmart Pool shock 10% and batch mixing. I know Down streaming wont get my mix high enough, so Im going to xjet the wash and pre post treat with the DS. Never done stuccco before, any recommended Surfactants? I have Elemonator, but only a quart (bought the variety pack from PT just to figure it out before I decided to spend $$$$ on SESW…any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks for all the nyggets Ive been able to “borrow” so far!!
And yes, I DO have commercial insurance, plants are not really an issue, but we will be watering SUPER heavy…space is primarily flat and NO storm drains near by…

We need pics.

In the last picture, you can see the Aluminum (?) Panelling and the size of the stucco panels. Im gonna test spot alot but figured just some sop and water on the metal panels, save the SH for the Stucco…


Not to be a jerk… but I would be concerned about price if I hadn’t figured out the supply and my products/processes yet, how would one estimate? It’s not big enough to be a make or break scenario, and one has to make moves to be successful, but application process and SH supply really needs to be hammered out before putting in the bid. Not sure about your case, but so often I’m seeing guys online bidding on stuff “just to see”, then trying to figure it out if they get it.

Def. test those panels well, but it looks like you’ve got that covered.

You have a pic of building or any pics taken in daylight? Other than concrete what you have doesn’t help a lot. How much of the building is the Aluminum looking panels? They’re probably Alucobond and you don’t really want to use much SH on, if any There are special soaps made for them and in nearly all cases you will need to brush. Stucco in pic doesn’t look that dirty. Most you can probably ds.

Let me clarify… as for bidding…I included the cost of supplies in the bid…I estimated 2.5% desired SH and 10% beginning SH, xjetting at a 1:4 ratio. Normal house and roof with my 2.5 gpm, 2000sf house, I normally go through 80-100 gallons of mix, so roughly 10 gallons of SH at a 1.5%. With Stucco upping SH to 2.5%, estimate would be 20gall for 2000sf. Knowing this job is at least twice that, Im already planning to need between 40 and 50 gallons of SH (at 10%, if I have to buy by the gallon jug) or between 35 and 40 if I can buy bulk SH at 12.5%. Either way, bid is more than adequate to cover any overages in supplies.
As far as daylight pics, sadly not…Im a Paramedic so that was the only time we could sneak away and get any pics and do an inspection. As for the metal panels, I wasnt planning on using ANY SH on them at all, just water and some soapy soap, I have a ladder and a couple of wall brushes with poles for some light agitation at eye level and above. The overall building really is mostly clean, minus the junky walkways…I Am curious to see how a SC on a 4gpm does compared to a 2 5gpm. Any advice on getting tire rubs off the curbs? Never had em before…I was gonna just turbo nozzle em and see what happans, but wanted a backup idea. Client stated she really doesnt care about the curbs on the far side of her lot, so I figured Id play some mad chemist for future learning!!