First commercial contract

So I’m working on my first commercial bid. It’s at a fast food chain.the district manager asked for a there a template that I could use for that?

Nick @ Gate City Pressure Washing G’Boro

Well a template is very easy to make it’s just time. My company types and creates its own reports and bid sheets. Remember you want it to look organized and you don’t want to make it look cheap

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Stuff like that is just some of the things you get for being a member of the PWRA. Check out their member benefits. Not that you can’t make your own but if you are small like me you need more time in the day LOL

Thanks fellas I ended up ordering one online. I definitely plan on becoming a member asap. Just working out some kinks and trying to learn the business.

Nick @ Gate City Pressure Washing G’Boro

Me too! Only been in business a month but I joined because of Thad mostly but the benefits are real and valuable! They more than pay for the cost over the membership period. I even got $150 back to spend at Southside Equipment! Thanks [MENTION=6909]Russ Johnson[/MENTION]

Good deal how has it been going since you started.I’ve been in business for a month myself.

Nick @ Gate City Pressure Washing G’Boro

Its been real slow but I have done a few really nice jobs too. The customers were more than pleased and one even gave me a 5 star rating on Home Advisor. I have a few bids out right now and I hope to land a couple of them. I’m trying to get some more marketing materials printed and then I will start knocking on doors, shaking hands, and meetinh some high end commercial property managers for drinks or dinner. I’m enjoying it so far and even though it’s slow, that’s pretty much how I planned it! I wanted to ease into it, learn all I can over the winter months, market hard and brand, then come out swinging this spring and summer! As long as I can pick up enough work to keep gaining “hands on” knowledge, I’m happpy! One thing I haven’t done and won’t do, I don’t try to undercut anyone! I want to raise the bar in my area, not lower it. There are enough lowballers out there, if that’s what a customer wants, that’s fine but I’m not that guy. I have food on the table. I think redidential work is about dead due to CHRISTmas. Everyone around here has their decorations up already so they have about done all the cleaning they plan to

I joined after thinking about “what really is there to gain if I join” for about 1.5 yrs… Spend the cheddar and you will not regret it, it is money well spent… Trust us, I joined a few months back and wished I had from the beginning (the benefits are reaped immediately). I am a small one man biz and this is valuable! Trust me. Get to the Chopper, Do It Now ~Eric

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I believe the PWRA members benefits has some templates for bids and commercial proposals…

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