First 12V Questions

Ok, I know these are probably really stupid questions, but this is my first 12V system. I got a pump in a box from PressureTek for the simplicity. I have everything plumbed and ready to go I think.
My question is, when starting it up, do I need to just have the tube in my mix tank, and be pulling the trigger on the gun when I flip the switch? Also, when shutting it off, do I do the same and keep pulling the trigger so it doesn’t turn off under pressure? Is there anything else I need to do concerning turning it on/off, operation, etc? It all seems really straight forward, just don’t want to mess up a brand new pump.

They can run dry…ive beaten the crap out of myne. Replaced one pump this year and have beaten the crap out of it. I rarely flush it…maybe on a Friday or if I know I won’t be using it for a few days. The pumps are prettty reliable… the hose reel is really the only reason I ever flush myne

Especially in the colder months when it’s down to freezing at night. A little SH will keep everything from freezing lol …joking …kinda


First thing to do is get rid of the trigger and go with a ball valve

Your original question…do any of the combinations you asked and it will work

I am not familiar with the Pressure Tek pump so this is a general overview, most of the 12v are demand systems, so once they build pressure in the line (with the gun closed) the pump will stop running and only reactivate when pressure drops once you squeeze the trigger again. Yes, you just drop the pick up tube in the mix tank and no you don’t have to have the trigger squeezed when you turn it on or turn it off. There will be pressure in the line so you can squeeze the trigger once it is off to relieve the pressure.

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Thanks for all the tips guys! Really appreciate it!

Something to think about with just a ball valve, if you are on a roof and for whatever reason you drop it you’re buying plants sod and whatever else it destroyed. With a trigger when you let off it stops spraying. Plus you’re not having to use both hands to start spraying while on the roof. Someone reminded me of that yesterday @florida_condo_cleani


If you’re using a drop tube, you may need to open your valve or pull trigger to prime your line when you first cut it on. The air in line has to go somewhere.


So I got it all up and running. The stream is great, but is it normal for it to vibrate really hard when you let off the trigger? I mean I almost sounds like it dies, and then when I pull the trigger it starts running good again. Is that normal for a 12V pump?

Yes …

As I stated, this is my first 12V system and first time ever using on period. I just wanted to double check. Last thing I want to do is be running my equipment incorrectly and messing it up.

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Don’t take offense to my … that’s just to meet the min characters to post


Oh ok. Haha my mistake! Thanks for the input! I appreciate it!

No accumulator? No 12v experience here but I am getting ready to drop the coin. :slightly_smiling_face:

No accumulator. I read that it helps to prolong the life of the pump, but isn’t necessary. Although, someone said something here once about a thread where a lot of veteran guys said they prefer not to run one.

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I hadn’t heard the last part. It keeps the motor from cycling on and off all the time.

Depends on what kind of roofs you do. If most a walkable then accumulator will help. If shooting from gutter line not really necessary because you’re rarely going to be choking down your flow with your tips.


Good to know. How much of a battery charger does a person need? Is a small 5 aph enough? Thank you!

I see PT sells a 4 aph charger so I am thinking the 5aph charger will be fine. Thank you.

A 100 amp hour battery will take 20 hours to fully recharge if completely dead using a 5 amp charger. You should never allow your batteries to fall below 50 percent if you want them to last any length of time. If 50 percent dead, it would take the same battery 10 hours on the same charger. A 5 amp or even a 2 amp charger will fully recharge your battery bank. You need to decide what is an acceptable downtime for recharging. For the price that pressure Tek wants for that charger, I’d look into an entry level onboard marine charger. They are higher amperage, weather proof, permanently mounted, multi bank, and some can even recondition your batteries to prolong their life.

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