Fire up that grill!

I got a great deal on a 24 ounce Porterhouse today. Marinated it for a few hours at room temperature. Built a nice fire with hardwood lump charcoal on the grill. Cooked for about 7 minutes on side one & 5 minutes on side two. A hotter grill with a shorter cook time is where it’s at! The results are fabulous. Show us what you’re cooking this weekend & tell us about the recipe. A huge THANKS to all you Veterans out there for making this post possible. You are loved and appreciated.


Nice brother! That is quite a large steak. Looks perfect. Enjoy

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Perfectly done! Makes me want to go to the store, lol

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Thanks dudes! It was a big juicy slab for sure. I’ll be warming up the leftovers in the oven later.

I knew you did something wrong… :joy:

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