Fire Sprinkler Bulbs

Hey guys, I’ve searched for this but haven’t been able to find an answer. When doing commercial washing, what is the proper procedure for washing around fire sprinker heads? Protect them somehow? Just be careful with your stream? I know they are heat activated and a little cold water won’t affect them but they still make me nervous. Thanks in advance.

You can break the glass and set them off

We wash around thousands of then every year and have never broken the frangible bulb. Every truck has two small wooden wedges (about 3/4 of in inch wide from one inch tapered to nothing). If you do happen to hit one with a straight stream and break the glass, drive the wedges in Tob stop the water flow until the fire department gets there to shut down the system. You will get soaked but you’ll prevent a lot of water damage.


Thanks William. I will plan on washing cautiously around them but will take some dowels in the shop and make a few “emergency plugs” just in case

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