Fire Hydrant Meter

I have been reading up on local requlations regarding the use of filling up your tanks with a fire hydrant. Does anyone know or recommend a place where a Fire Hydrant Meter can be purchased?

I know that they can be expensive but feel the benefits of having one will outweigh the initial one time cost. There is nothing worse that having your time wasted than getting to a customer location and finding out that you do not have access to water.

In our area each city has a different meter and deposits required to rent one. We paid a $200 deposit a few years ago here in Greensboro and kept the meter…the city calls us every 3 months for a reading and then sends a bill. If you get caught using one city’s meter somewhere else there is a fine…I am sure requirements vary in other areas quite a bit

in my neck of the woods, you go to the city water department, pay a deposit (500 for a 3/4" or 1200 for a 2") and take the meter in once a month so they can log water usage. They send you a bill monthly for the water used. I have had one on my trailer for over a year. We rarely use it but when we need it, its there.

Here in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County. You can use the meter for multiple communities but need to keep a log for each community and pay the appropriate jurisdiction for the usage.

I just go to the utility office and pay a 100 dollar deposit and they go put it on and just send you a monthly bill. If you haven’t called and canceled it after 90 days they charge another $90 deposit. I have only had to use them for commercial jobs that don’t have the water supply and I am done with them in a couple of days.

Wow you guys get off cheap. Here it’s a $1000 deposit for a 3/4" and they call every month to get reading. I bring it in once a year to exchange for a new one.

That’s good to know, we are based out of Danville, Va but service the greensboro and entire triad area regularly.

Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

I did a little more research and here in Charlotte, NC there is no mention of leasing one, but they do provide you with a list of suppliers with approved models that you can purchase one from. I guess I will have to make some phone calls regarding pricing. I was hoping someone on here owned one and would know a ballpark price.

I feel good about only having to pay $100 after seeing what you guys pay. I don’t get to keep the meter though witch it wouldn’t do me any good because they don’t let anyone hook a meter up to the hydrants around here except for their employees. I’m not allowed to do anything but hook my hose up to it and turn it on. I just add the deposit to the customers bill, call the utility company when I’m done and pay the amount for the water I used witch is usually only around $20 sometimes more depending on the job size and they come and unhook everything and take their meter back.

In my service area, the Des Moines metro, there are about 7 or 8 different waterworks that each requires you to rent their meter, most require a deposit, some have us install it others won’t let us touch it but their employees install and move it. Its an expensive, time consuming process to use $15 worth of water. We just did some calling around to see if we can just provide our own and have them inspect it but there was no budging so far. There’s a seller on EBay with some crazy prices on brass hydrant meters (5/8 for $10, 1 1/2" for $75), topdrawer24 is the seller username.