Finally pulled the trigger! Pick up bed setup

Well, after so much research and a decent gutter cleaning season, I was able to pay for all the parts to get started into power washing, space is limited and I don’t want to put too much weight on this little 4cyl truck, I also need to get the vinyl lettering done, it’s probably a bad time due to the whole virus thing going on, but I had everything ordered before it became this serious, anyways, this is what I’ve got:
*Pressure Pro 4gpm@3500psi
*whisper wash ultra clean 16
*General pump reel with 200’ of hose
*cheap northern tool reel with 100’ of supply hose, with 100 extra ft out of the reel

Thanks everyone and this forum for all the valuable information!

I have a full time job as well and I need to keep all my tools in the tool box, they have a very strong chemical smell and I can’t keep them in the cabin, I’m aware how much space the box takes, but i can’t get rid of it just yet


Looks good. Spray this all over anything that can rust. Between tailgate and bed too. When the sh spills in your bed it will run right out and start rusting the bed.

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Good to know, thank you! I sprayed some parts with a couple rubberized undercoat cans I had laying around, but I’ll give this a try too!

Probably a good idea to get you a 30 gallon buffer tank.

Yeah! Trying to see which one works best for the space i have! I’m thinking a small 35 gal drum could work

That would be plenty. I run a 5.5/3500 with 55 gallon tank and have never seen it get below 30.I think in your case a vertical tank would work well, white/clear so you can verify the level.

I like it I considered a bead build too, but I have a ranger. I wouldn’t have had any room for the surface Cleaner! LOL

Sounds like that’ll be my next upgrade once i get a couple more bucks in my wallet!

I just hate the thought of dealing with a trailer, and I need to be able to park at my full time (parking deck) to drive from there to my jobs, plus it’ll block in my family’s cars in the driveway, you might be able to make a ranger work, put the surface cleaner on a ladder rack maybe, I wanted to do that but I wouldnt be able to drive into my job parking deck. It’s just too big of a hassle until I go full time and figure out somewhere to put all the equipment

@Prout-1 whisper wash have these, great for tight spaces. image

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Shoot that would have been useful info 3 weeks ago! I don’t mind using a trailer tho. I keep everything else hidden under a locked tonneau cover. @Jpirela27 what brand hose reel are you using for the supply hose? I’ve been looking for one like that.

Well this is what I got

I haven’t even done my first paid job lol, but I have a feeling my Supply reel might be a little small and I’m gonna have to whip out the spare hose often, specially cause I don’t like to park in customers driveways. I’d get this one instead it’s probably worth the extra dollars

I recommend paying the extra and going with this Titan reel at $270. It was recommended to me by @Racer

I agree with you! If you have the money and the space, 100% get something like that!

I use 20gal vertical tank for my 5gpm 3k psi. Hose reel only for pw hose. love to use truck set up for small jobs, no pulling trailer.![026|666x500](upload://zakasXC4f1Lw